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Pantari Press is a small, independent publisher based in the greater Seattle area. We specialize in fiction, science fiction and science fantasy with unique plots.


Our books are available in eBook, hard-copy, and audio-book format at:, Barnes &,,, Nook, Google Play, and many other platforms. 


Visit our “Books” section and follow the links to make a purchase.

Although the Great War is over, the world is not at peace. Off in the East, the Russian Revolution rages, and the Great Powers, including Imperial Japan, are struggling to contain the threat of Bolshevism. Meanwhile, hundreds of tons of gold have been looted from the Imperial Treasury. Whoever controls this vast wealth wins the revolution.


It is in this tumultuous setting, that Adelaide DeMarcy finds herself dispatched to Japan, and then Siberia. There, she will discover something far more valuable than gold, and contend with forces that are infinitely more dangerous than mere partisans or bandits. The Sleeping Land has been awakened…

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