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About Pantari Press

Pantari Press currently showcases the work of Martin Schiller. But this not its only purpose. Our dream is to find other talented writers and build a collection of quality science fiction and fantasy books that go outside the boundaries of  'what is generally expected' from either genre.  We believe that sci-fi and fantasy can be more than just mere entertainment; as the great science fiction writers of the past have proven, they can inspire the reader to think and to question real-world conditions in a new and insightful light.

About Martin Schiller

Martin Schiller grew up looking to the stars and wondering “what if?” Martin used that curiosity to develop a dark and complex future in his military science-fantasy series, "Sisterhood of Suns" and the Alternate History/Time-Travel epoch, "Blackbird". As an Associate Author with Talaria Press Martin contributed to several anthologies. His most recent novel is "Our Man Adelaide: The Faceless Man". Martin lives and writes in Seattle, where the stars still inspire him – when it isn’t raining.

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