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Sisterhood of suns


Sisterhood of Suns: Pallas Athena (Book 1)


Humanity not only made it to the stars, but by the year 2445, our species had colonized a hundred worlds.


What nobody counted on was the MARS plague. No one knew it’s origin, but within a decade, the gender-specific virus had killed every human male. Only females survived, saved by advanced genetic engineering and the resurrection of previously forbidden artificial reproductive methods.

And in the wake of the plague, the warlike Hriss invaded and the First Widows War began. Humanity ultimately won the conflict and the United Sisterhood of Suns was born.

Now, a thousand years later, the Sisterhood enjoys the most advanced technology and the highest standard of life in the Far Arm. But an uneasy peace exists between Wominkind and its stellar neighbors. It is up to officers like Commander Lilith ben Jeni and her ship the Pallas Athena, to enforce maritime law and defend the frontier against aggressors.

And inside the Sisterhood, intrigues brew, and rumors abound. The strangest concerns the Neomen, and the possibility that they might actually serve in combat roles. But as any sensible woman knows, this is pure nonsense; men are too emotionally unstable to handle the rigors of combat. History has proven this conclusively.



Sisterhood of Suns: Widow's War (Book 2)


The dramatic sequel to "Sisterhood of Suns: Pallas Athena"


The School has been quarantined and the Sisterhood is making up for two decades of spying by the Esteral Terrana Rapabla by conducting an intelligence operation of its own, using the imprisoned populace to learn all that it can about their newly rediscovered neighbor.


Then the Sisterhood receives a surprise; rather than risk another disastrous war with Wominkind, renegade Hriss Clans have shifted their aggression to the Rapabla.


And the ETR is losing the war. Without the military might of the Sisterhood to help them, defeat is inevitable. But any union between the two societies is a fragile thing; after a thousand years of separation, and the development of wildly dissimilar cultures, lasting peace is a doubtful proposition at best.


There are also are forces on both sides preparing for the day when the Hriss have been defeated, and they find themselves alone on the battlefield. Some of them want war.



Sisterhood of Suns: Daughters of Eve (Book 3)


The conclusion of the “Sisterhood of Suns” series…. Occupied by the Sisterhood, the ETR is on the verge of civil war. In the Sisterhood itself, terrorism is on the rise, and a sinister conspiracy at the highest levels of society threatens to overthrow the government, and ignite an interstellar war. Peace, and the balance of power in the Far Arm, depends on an unlikely group of heroines and a mysterious artifact thousands of years old…

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