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Our Man Adelaide


Our Man Adelaide: The Faceless Man (Book One)

It is the year 1912. The Titanic is preparing for her maiden voyage, and England and Germany are locked in an arms race. Although Europe is at peace, spies on both sides are gathering intelligence in preparation for war. In the midst of this increasingly volatile situation, Sir Thomas Blackthorn and Ms. Adelaide DeMarcy of His Majesty's Secret Service Bureau, are tasked with investigating the death of a member of Parliament. In the end, it will take all of Sir Thomas's talent as a psychic, and Adelaide's skill as a Ninja, to unravel the truth, and survive…


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Our Man Adelaide: The Dark Grove (Book Two)

Although the Council has been unmasked, and the Faceless Man identified, the danger that they pose is far from over. A great wedding is being planned between the innocent Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia and Ernst Augustus, heir to the Kingdom of Hannover. Its guests will include royalty from all over Europe, and it is is the perfect opportunity for peace. But this gathering is also threatened with the possibility of chaos and death. It will be up to Sir Thomas Blackthorn, Adelaide DeMarcy, her students, and their friends, to stave off disaster and foil the Council's evil designs. If they can...


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Our Man Adelaide: The Great War (Book Three)

​​The war that everyone had feared has finally come to pass. While Sir Thomas and Mr. Bertrand cope with the grim realities of the modern battlefield in Flanders, Adelaide is sent to hunt for spies in the wilds of Yorkshire. The safety of her adopted countrymen, and England's ability to resist the German onslaught are both at stake, and she soon 

learns that the fight is not limited to Europe alone, but elsewhere, and in the shadows...


Our Man Adelaide: The Sleeping Land (Book Four)

Although the Great War is over, the world is not at peace. Off in the East, the Russian Revolution rages, and the Great Powers, including Imperial Japan, are struggling to contain the threat of Bolshevism. Meanwhile, hundreds of tons of gold have been looted from the Imperial Treasury. Whoever controls this vast wealth wins the revolution. 

It is in this tumultuous setting, that Adelaide DeMarcy finds herself dispatched to Japan, and then Siberia. There, she will discover something far more valuable than gold, and contend with forces that are infinitely more dangerous than mere partisans or bandits. The Sleeping Land has been awakened…




Our Man Adelaide: The God of Eight Banners (Book Five)

It is 1937. Having seized Manchuria, Japan is invading the rest of China, and Adelaide DeMarcy, and her lover, William Wentworth, are doing what they can to aid the Imperial war effort. But General Bushida has another mission for them; to travel to Nazi Germany, and there, help dissidents to smuggle influential Jews out of the country, and into Japanese-held territory where they will be resettled.

Yet one these Jews has disappeared. A brilliant metallurgist, he has spent years analyzing the samples from the Valley of Death, and they must find him before the SS can use his knowledge to create weapons of terror such as mankind has never imagined...

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