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The Blackbird Series


BLACKBIRD: A Warrior of the No-When (Book 1)


In the 3rd Universe, the Union Jack flies proudly over the entire continent of North America. England is the greatest power in the world. But another force rules over the Crown. It is a mysterious group called the Masters. And their sinister servants, the Bookmen, enforce their laws against advanced technology. The fires of dissent have not been extinguished however; the Free Radicals study scientific advances in secret and Penelope Victoria Steele has joined their rebellion. The beautiful and educated daughter of the Provincial Governor of Northwestin-Cascadia, she risks her very life to uncover forbidden knowledge, for to defy the Masters means death. What she does not realize is that her world is not what it seems to be. Nor is time and space.

WATCH: Rebecca McKernan's Vlog: Blackbird: A Warrior of the No-When


BLACKBIRD: A Green and Pleasant England (Book 2)


The Continuing Adventures of Penelope Victoria Steele…


London in the 19th Century of the Second Universe seems the perfect refuge for Penelope and Elizabeth. But instead of proving to be the green and pleasant England that they had so hoped for, the pair quickly find themselves embroiled in the machinations of mysterious figures, shadowy cults and a book that promises to reveal the master plan of an alien enemy. Worse, Penelope discovers a side to herself that she had never known existed and becomes unsure if she, or it, will triumph.

WATCH: Rebecca McKernan's Vlog: Blackbird: A  Green and Pleasant England


BLACKBIRD: White Tiger of the West (Book 3)

The War Begins...


As the Masters and Special Section begin to expose and disrupt the machinations of the Lyrans, Penelope must struggle with the dichotomy of God and the Devil, the harshness of war, and the myriad challenges of the Nine Universes. In the process, she discovers an ancient secret hidden beneath the streets of London itself.

In order to prevail, she must first learn about the true nature of justice, master the Tigress within, and ultimately, accept the terrible consequences of her actions. That, and understand the lessons taught to her by a mysterious figure who should have never been born...

WATCH: Rebecca McKernan's Vlog: Blackbird: White Tiger of the West


BLACKBIRD: Excalibur (Book 4)

The exciting conclusion of the “Blackbird” series…


With Nazca in ruins and Elizabeth missing, Penelope must struggle to find her lover and then determine if she is a Lyran agent, or a victim of the insidious Mr. Grey. That, and win her right to wield Excalibur and the Sangreal.


But her path to the summit of the Ladder is filled with perils, and she must call upon of all of her powers to win her way through the tests which await her. Nothing less than the lives of millions of unsuspecting humans is at stake.

WATCH: Rebecca McKernan's Vlog: Blackbird: Excalibur

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