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Other Works Featuring

Martin Schiller

A Kinder, Greener Vampire and Other Stories


Things don’t always turn out the way that we expect them to. Take the world for example; just when humanity thought that it would be destroyed by environmental collapse, the vampires stepped in and took over. Now, the planet is healing, the economy is stable, wars are a thing of the past, and everyone knows who the President will be for the next two hundred years.


Of course, death isn’t quite as certain as it used to be, but taxes still are—even if they are paid in blood.  The only problem is that one of the undead has started kidnapping daytimer girls for his own little blood farm.  And in “A Kinder, Greener Vampire”, it’s up to Detective ‘Cami’ Karnstein of the Los Angeles Nocturnal Police Department, and her human partner, to solve the case before it’s too late.


Join Martin Schiller and guest author, Thomas Trujillo for this, and other tales of the strange, the supernatural, and the unexpected.


Other Works Featuring Martin Schiller from Our Friends at

Talaria Press:

Dark Hearts, Darker Deeds


What is evil? Is it absolute, or arbitrary? Does a villain consider themselves to be ‘evil’?


And do they always lose, or does evil sometimes triumph? Is there even some ‘good’ hiding behind a villain’s mask, or wickedness disguised as 'good'?


In “Dark Hearts, Darker Deeds” the imaginative writers of Talaria Press take us into blackest corners of the human soul, and tell tales of psychopaths, murderers, and worse.



Talaria Press knows that some of your favorite characters will always be monsters. Be they friendly or fearsome, dear or deadly, they fascinate humanity and call to a primal element of our nature. Inspired by their power to terrorize and captivate, we present Snicker-Snack, Monster Stories to Cower By.

Within these pages, you’ll meet werewolves and vampires, and monsters that lurk under the bed-- or sometimes lie in them. Curious readers may find out just what moved in the corner of their vision, or where their nightmares come from.

And I Feel.jpg

And I Feel Fine


How does the world end? With a bang? Or with a whimper? Will it be zombies? Will it be plague? Will it be forgotten gods or robots, vengeance on their minds? There are a multitude of ways in which the world could end.

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